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All information presented in this website is subject to modification without notice. No information on this website, including but not limited to maps and view depictions, should be relied upon in determining whether to purchase a lot. Caribou Ridge, Inc., cannot guarantee its continued ownership of, involvement with or development of the community and Caribou Ridge, Inc., does not guarantee that any proposed future development will occur. Some lots may be owned by individual builders for sale to residential owners.


All prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Maps are not to scale and square footages are estimates. All development within Caribou Ridge is subject to approval by the Architectural Control Committee.


Views are not indicative of specific lot views and are provided for illustrative and marketing purposes only. Unobstructed views cannot be guaranteed, and any view, sight lines, or openings for light or air available from a lot, or anywhere else within Caribou Ridge, may be blocked or altered in whole or in part in the future by virtue of natural or unnatural causes, including but not limited to future construction, future placement of individual or community-wide alternative energy equipment and facilities, or by natural (including, but not limited to, disease or insects such as pine beetles) or unnatural loss or alteration of vegetation or mountain slopes.


Lots within Caribou Ridge may be located in a geologically sensitive area subject to rock or debris slides or unstable soils. Lots may experience high wind speeds and wind gusts.


Lots within Caribou Ridge may be located adjacent to other property within and outside of Caribou Ridge that are subject to or engaging in ongoing construction activities which may generate an unpredictable amount of visible and audible impacts and disturbances.


Information regarding government, community and recreational activities, events, resources and amenities are for general informational purposes only and Caribou Ridge, Inc., does not warrant that the information is current or accurate. Services and amenities provided by nearby communities and organizations are out of the control of Caribou Ridge, Inc. and are subject to change or elimination without notice. Contact the providers to confirm any such information.


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